Growdly empowers you to train, educate and equip your people - no matter where they are in the world.

Growdly is a simple yet effective e-learning or online platform that churches and Christian organizations can use to train, educate and equip people.

Works on all devices
Not only can you use Growdly on your desktop computer but also on all your mobile devices - smart phone, tablet and laptop - and your people can use your courses where they are - at home, while travelling or even on their lunch break.

Do what you do best!
Growdly gives you an educational framework that you place your course material into - allowing you to focus on your teaching content rather than on your teaching format.

Growdly frees you to do what you do best - educate and equip your people.
We at Growdly have created a tool that facilitates learning and growth. Our focus is not on the end-user activities and results achieved through churches and Christian organizations that use Growdly, whose job it is to evaluate the effectiveness of their use of Growdly. Our focus instead is on making Growdly the best e-learning platform available to churches and organizations as a basis for Christian learning and growth in Europe.

When we questioned leaders of churches and Christian organizations why they do not use secular-based online training tools that other churches and Christians have utilized, they give three primary reasons:

  1. A lack of knowledge on how to use the tool: they are confused or inhibited by the tool's interface in transforming teaching materials they already have into an on-going two-way communication with those they want to train and disciple online.
  2. Money: Secular-based teaching platforms are often too expensive for many churches and Christian organizations to use.
  3. Language: Europe is a tribalized continent that is highly divided culturally and linguistically. It can be financially prohibitive for software companies to convert an online training platform into every European language beyond the major European language groups. This results in many European churches and Christian organizations not finding training tools available in their own language even if they could afford them.

This is why we created Growdly - an online educational platform for Christians to grow daily.
But Growdly is much more than an online educational platform: Growdly is a movement -- a grassroots movement of Christian educators and disciplers that work together to mould and adapt Growdly to fit their unique linguistic, cultural and learning needs.

Customize your pages with your own logo and color selection
We made Growdly flexible so that you can easily adapt it to reflect your personal needs and expression, with color options and the possibility of inserting your own logo and website address.

Multilanguage plug-ins enable Growdly to operate in any language - even allowing for multiple languages in the same course.

Cooperative learning
Growdly focuses on a constructivist learning and teaching experience, encouraging learners to actively participate in the learning process rather than simply receiving knowledge passively.

Growdly has a fully cooperative development model that responds to the constant flow of user feedback, leading to the development of new modules, features and enhancements.

Through its constructivist learning and teaching experience, Growdly encourages the active involvement of learners in the learning process instead of receiving knowledge passively. The learning environment becomes more democratic through a wide variety of interactive and student-centered activities.

The teaching and discipleship method of Jesus
One of the primary ways that Jesus taught and did discipleship was by telling stories and asking questions. We at Growdly want to take the dynamic of Jesus' 'learning environment' and make it part of the teaching interaction that the Internet provides.

In a way, Jesus´ style of teaching his disciples can be seen as a type of constructivist learning, in that the disciples constructed their own understanding and knowledge by reflecting on the new things they were experiencing along the way. All of us have to re-evaluate and make adjustments to our previous ideas and experiences in light of any new information we receive. There must be room for knowledge and experience to "challenge each other” through an open dialog between student and teacher. We can see this reflected in Matthew 10:5ff and how a deeper understanding is reflected in the question in Matthew 17:19ff.

An example of how Growdly is being used as a constructivist learning is the M4 Church Planting Process. M4 is a cooperative "product” that arises through its cooperative learning style, due to the diversity of churches and denominations that work together in the M4 process.

The cooperative learning experience and constructivist learning style are important elements in boosting Growdly into the emerging Web 2.0 Paradigm.

Growdly are owned and founded by DAWN Norway.

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